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In Portland, blazer is not just the name of the Portland Trail Blazers. It has another far-reaching implications. NIKE company's headquarter is located in this city, and BLAZER was launched in 1973 as its first basketball shoe's name. For the champion of NIKE basketball shoe market, the significance of BLAZER is extraordinary. Nike blazer is the first series basketball shoes for NIKE. Though it is similar with Nike dunk and air force series, but its popularity is not lower than the other two. Leather material, superior grip outsole, better support and lightweight are all formed Nike Blazer.

At the beginning, it is a kind of basketball shoes, but as the times gone, it becomes a kind of fashion shoes or daily shoes. Now Nike Blazer is called a kind of sneakers by the public. Its shape is simple and commonly has a big NIKE logo. And the color of the Blazer series is very rich.

Now follow our site and reading the relevant information about Nike blazer. Also the prices about Nike blazer and the background knowledge of Nike blazer are provided.

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Nike Blazer Mid: Generally speaking, people believe Nike blazer is very light and handy, the girls also can easily hold it. Nike Blazer Mid shoes in this site give you the best price and you can get sweet advice.

Nike Blazer Low: Low height Nike blazer shoes can make your legs look more slender. This series shoes are suitable for walking in short distances. Blazer series slightly less mix with other technologies, so most shoes are relatively consistent. If you are not very high, choose a pair of Nike Blazer Low shoes make you look more slender.

Nike Blazer High: High shoes give you more warm and protect your ankles. It is made by a variety of materials, fine workmanship. Low prices give you great mood. Especially when the festival comes, a good pair of Nike blazer shoes is very essential.

Nike Blazer Metric: Look at this special series of Nike blazer. You will be attracted by its beautiful color and design. This metric series is very cool. If you want to look different, choose this style must be right. Black, blue and red color are the best colors.

In addition to these models that we introduced, there are other more styles awaiting your discovery. Styles we introduced are just some of the hottest styles. Waiting for us to update the best styles with low price and great quality.


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